Tri, Road, and Time Trial Specialists

Fit. Performance. Comfort. Speed. Principles that are our focus in cycling biomechanics aerodynamics. Regardless of whether you are a Tour de France winner or a first time recreational cyclist, you can only perform at the level your bike fit allows. We focus on maximizing rider potential through optimal biomechanics. This means riders are more comfortable and directly translates into increased client usage of the bike. That’s our goal – increased satisfaction with the cycling experience. Staying at the forefront of current aerodynamic, biomechanical, and materials science research is a necessity in the modern Road/Tri shop. Part analytical Newtonian science, part interpretive Jungian psychology, part Jedi pre-cognition – bike fit is a multi-disciplinary skill at which we work diligently to maintain our foremost expertise.    First Sprint Tri. Ironman. Olympic. ½ IM. Tri and TT bikes are our passion. We fit more, stock more and sell more Tri and TT bikes than anybody in Northern California. It is not simply about being on the most efficient and aerodynamic bike. The balance between aerodynamics, comfort, and sustainable power is critical to optimizing performance – regardless if the goal is to simply finish an event or place on the podium. Metric Century. Weekend Breakfast Ride. Criterium. Double Century.  From entry level units to bikes that are too light for the Tour, we cover the road gamete. Each rider is unique with respect to body geometry, physical limitations and riding goals. Matching clients with the right genre of bike is time consuming, yet critical in ensuring comfort, performance and increased rider usage.